Your opinion matters

Hello friends,

First of all, i want to send a big thank you to all of you for subscribing to powernotes.

My wish is to shape this newsletter in such a way, that everyone will truly enjoy it.

The reason for this thread is to see if powernotes can be improved in any way.

So here's the question for everyone:

What topic would you want to see removed from the newsletter?

And what other new topic would you want to have instead?

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and express your opinions.

If there will be no comments, for me that will mean that nothing should be changed.

If there will be only a few comments, they will be taken into consideration.

So my wish is for everyone to freely express their opinion and leave a comment. More comments means more opinions. Express your wishes. So we can try and make them true.

Your opinion matters.


Have a great week ahead